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Faster, higher, stronger: sportswear from Under Armor

Many consider sports fashion to be very specific, assuming that it is simply impossible to look good in the gym. It is completely incomprehensible why such a variety of brands is needed if the style of clothing for classes is approximately the same. Real athletes who have tried the products of different brands on themselves can tell about the existence of a significant difference. Each of them does not just produce things cut and sewn according to standard patterns. In addition to stylish design ideas, technologists carefully work on products. Shorts for 200 UAH and for 2000 are primarily distinguished by the quality of the material. The official website of Under Armor is the place where you should start looking for high-quality American-made sportswear and shoes.

Under Armour

Brand history

According to sensible people, the best indicator of a brand's success is its popularity. It should be expressed not in loud words, but in financial indicators. This is exactly what the American manufacturer Under Armor demonstrates. The growth rate of the company's shares is equal to that of Facebook, and plans for 2018 net profit at the level of $7.5 billion. Today it is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the United States after the legendary Nike.

In 1996, Under Armor was created by the young and ambitious Kevin Plank, who at that time was only 23 years old. The brand's products were influenced by the sports past of the founder - at the university he was the captain of the football team. The main idea was to create comfortable and light clothes that would not absorb sweat. For this, the novice businessman had everything he needed: a starting capital of 17 thousand dollars and a free basement. The first products were HeatGear T-shirts, which were tested by former colleagues on the sports team. Soon the college decided to buy a batch of clothes for its students. Just a year after the start of work, the company was able to rent a factory on its own. Five years later, Under Armor launched its first TV ad campaign. This gave the brand fame along with a meteoric rise in sales.

In 2006, the company entered the IPO exchange. Significantly, on the first day of trading, Under Armor shares doubled. In the same year, the company launched a line of women's clothing and the first sports shoes. The Baltimore-based firm sold $3 billion worth of products in 2014, surpassing Adidas.

Product range

Today the company is engaged in the production of necessary clothing and footwear adapted for practicing various sports. The Under Armor online store offers two main product lines - women's and men's. In addition, the assortment is divided into seasons - HeatGear corresponds to the summer, ColdGear is suitable for the winter, and AllSeasonsGear should be preferred in the off-season. You can buy items from Under Armor in Ukraine - in specialized online stores and retail outlets. The product range includes:

  • Under Armor sneakers are a true asset of the brand. The first model was released in 2006 and was designed for running. Two years later, Under Armor sneakers are released for basketball, which in America is still one of the most popular sports. They were distinguished by the original depreciation technology patented by the inventor, and participation in the advertising campaign of the legendary Brandon Jennings created a real stir around the novelty;
  • branded compression garments. It reduces the risk of injury, and the synthetic materials used in the tailoring help to wick sweat away from the athlete's skin and reflect sunlight, preventing overheating. The innovative Anti-Odor technology eliminates unpleasant odors that involuntarily arise during long training. Triple seams of the product, in addition to high strength, deliver maximum comfort without rubbing the skin at the point of contact. A feature of compression clothing is the ability to engage in various sports in it - it does not constrain movements, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and prevents the appearance of corns;
  • Under Armor thermal underwear keeps you dry and comfortable during all-intensity sports. During active training, it accumulates the heat generated by the muscles and removes excess moisture. As a result, the body remains dry even after the cessation of intense exercise. An important advantage of clothing is lightness and low density. Thanks to this, the products are practically not noticeable on the body and do not interfere with classes. The antibacterial properties of the material provide a long service life of the product without loss of consumer characteristics;
  • Under Armor backpacks are the epitome of practicality and style. Light and simple models are perfect for participation in a cycling race, and for a daily city walk. They have all the properties inherent in sports goods: breathability, lightness, ergonomics and ease of care;
  • tracksuits. Great for both sports and everyday wear. They are distinguished by practicality, breathability and a high level of comfort. Products for a long time do not fade and do not fade even with frequent washing.

The reason for the popularity of the brand is the constant desire to comply with modern fashion trends and introduce the latest developments, which are criticized not by fashion experts, but by ordinary people - potential consumers. For example, Under Armor sneakers are tested by schoolchildren, students and volunteers who evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of specific models. Comments are taken into account in the further development of sneakers from Under Armor.

Under Armour

Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of online shopping. Sellers in regular stores often do not quite objectively evaluate a particular brand or product and advertise more of the products of the company that pays them bonuses. When it comes to branded items, such as Under Armor American sportswear, the price of products can differ significantly compared to the cost of goods on the manufacturer's website. Undoubtedly, you can buy Under Armor sneakers in Ukraine, but there is a big risk of buying a fake or overpaying.

It seems that self-ordering goods from the manufacturer is the best option. However, before investing, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the reverse side of the idea, which, it seems, has some advantages:

  • foreign online stores do not work with all types of cards. Check with the bank in advance whether it is possible to pay for purchases with your card. It is likely that you will have to order another one, and this is additional time and money;
  • the risk of falling for scammers. When buying for the first time, you do not know if your information is protected, and you will have to provide bank card details. It is not known whether the product will arrive at all, and what quality it will be;
  • the language barrier. Without knowing English at the proper level, you can not fully understand the conditions for providing discounts and other nuances of the purchase. As a result, you will not get the thing you wanted, or spend more money;
  • the need for self-organization of delivery. Not every online store sends parcels directly to Ukraine. It's good if you have friends in the USA who will help you deal with the delivery.

You can buy Under Armor sneakers in Ukraine directly from the manufacturer in another way - using the services of OrderWorld.

Fast and secure shopping at

Ukrainians and Ukrainians deserve to wear clothes of famous world brands. Now everyone has such an opportunity, because you can buy stylish and high-quality items from the manufacturer at a very low price. Cooperation with the site contributes to this: just choose the product you like from the catalog of stores with which we cooperate. Before ordering, send us an application online. This short form will allow managers to calculate the total cost of the purchase, taking into account the delivery of goods from the United States and the commission of the site. The amount of the surcharge to the base price depends on the method of delivery of the order: by air or by water.

Site commission is not just our earnings, but your payment for services:

  • organization of sending and receiving goods;
  • registration of exchange and return if necessary;
  • money back guarantee if the customer receives a product of inadequate quality.

Our employees are always ready to advise when choosing a purchase and clarify incomprehensible points. With us, you can buy high-quality products of world brands without any risks.