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Cyber Monday aka Cybermonday 2018

17 Ноября, 2018

Cyber Monday 2018: for those who couldn't or want more

Look, we understand how it is: Friday, cocktails, and you forget about everything, not to mention shopping. For such cases, CyberMonday was created (but this is not accurate).

There is infa that this is purely a marketing thing, but we really like it: not only can you stock up incredibly on Black Friday, keep Monday as well.

So, if you didn’t succeed / didn’t happen / didn’t grow together, you have the last chance (okay, not the last one) to order new sneakers or long-awaited watches at wild discounts.

Well, how to do it?

What is needed for this, you ask? Oh, yes, we will do everything, we will answer. Okay, you still have to tighten up a bit:

  • Collect all the goods you want to buy in one place: in the shopping cart on the site (make sure that it is saved) or in a separate file.
  • In the first hour of the sale (beginning at 7 am Kyiv time), check the discount amount.
  • If everything is ok, send all links through the order form here .
  • Yes, be sure to make sure that there are enough funds on the card, otherwise you will have to run to replenish, and here every minute weighs you know what.
  • Quickly pay and write to our managers “I did it”.
  • Wait 14 days and enjoy the updates.

On this day, the cost of our services is 8% of the order.

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