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Black Friday aka Black Friday 2018

17 Ноября, 2018

Black Friday 2018: not again, but again

The New Year holidays are coming soon, and so that you don’t have to frantically run around on December 31 in search of that same gift, yes, yes, and for yourself / your beloved too, do it on November 30. That's true, thank you later.

So, how do you order?

Let's not talk about what Black Friday is (but if you're still interested, you can read it here ), but let's get right down to business.
You already know that ordering discounted goods from America through OrderWorld is convenient and not scary, especially on Black Friday.
All that is required of you:

  • Select products from overseas site.
  • Send links to our managers through the order form, be sure to specify the size, color or wishes for the order.
  • Decide what kind of delivery you want to Ukraine: air or sea.
  • Pay for the order.
  • Wait for the delivery (here it is very important to understand that the terms may increase due to the hype).


On this day, the cost of our services is 6% of the order.


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